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Coronavirus Safety Brief

As event organisers and host UKRO and TWFRS have a legal and moral duty to manage the risks to employees, event participants, volunteers and to other persons who may be affected by UKRO and TWFRS undertakings.

This duty includes risks arising from Coronavirus. Whilst UKRO and TWFRS recognise and acknowledges the government’s position and Coronavirus related guidance, as event organisers and hosts UKRO and TWFRS must also acknowledge, assess and manage the ongoing risk arising from Coronavirus.

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Lithium Ion Batteries Lecture

We are honoured to welcome Professor Paul Christensen who has very kindly agreed to hold a number of lectures on the hazards facing emergency responders from lithium ion batteries.

Book your session on the lecture on lithium ion batteries here!

National Challenges

Festival of Rescue: 17th & 18th Sept 2021

NewcastleGateshead to host Festival of Rescue this September!

The banks of the River Tyne displaying its world famous array of beautiful bridges, stunning architecture, and cultural settings looks forward to becoming the impressive backdrop for this year’s spectacular UKRO (United Kingdom Rescue Organisation) showcase.

National Challenges

West Midlands Challenge 2020 Success

The West Midlands Fire Service Trauma and Extrication Challenge came to a close on Saturday 10th October following three weeks of competition.Both Challenges saw a total of 21 teams participate, with a fantastic 71% increase in new teams putting themselves forward.

 Thank you to everyone that competed, supported, and helped out.