Rescue Challenge Events

Rescue Challenge Events

A long-standing product of the UKRO is the ‘Rescue Challenge’ which provides for a safe and controlled environment in which rescue and trauma professionals can trial innovative techniques and procedures and test new equipment that could ultimately be used at real incidents; this is known as the Rescue Challenge Concept (RCC).

The rescue challenges are open to all rescue and trauma professionals, irrespective of background, governance, etc. the priority is providing a platform to allow for information exchange, peer learning and effective feedback.

National Challenge icon

National Rescue Challenge Event

The event is a chance for emergency services personnel to share techniques across all rescue disciplines.

This year’s national challenge will take place from 26th to 28th Sept 2024 in the historic Dockyard Portsmouth.

Previous Rescue Challenge

Festival of Rescue National Rescue Challenge 2021 was a huge success thanks to the competitors, sponsors and Tyne And Wear FRS. Follow these links to the award photos and scores.

The National Rescue Challenge events invites rescue teams from fire and rescue services across the UK to compete in different rescue challenges.

Regional Rescue Challenge

Regional Rescue Challenge Events

The objective of the UKRO Regional Challenge is to create an environment in which representatives of UK fire and rescue services can come together at a local level to learn, exchange ideas and experience realistic challenge scenarios.